How to Build a Marine Solar Panel DIY?

What are solar panels?

Solar panels are a group of solar cells; you can also call it solar battery, which can be used to generate power using the solar energy. Solar panels can be easily constructed using best Trolling motor battery and can be fitted anywhere. These days’ solar cells are becoming very popular because it is a great way to generate power and also save your electricity bill. Solar batteries can be used to charge your cell phone or even to cook your food. It is very easy to construct with the help of few simple steps.

What are the things which you need?

Here is the list of mandatory things, which you need to make the construction.
• Solar cells: there are various types of solar cells. You can find it in your local market as well as in the online stores. If you are making this for the first time, then do not go for the expensive one. You can buy as many cells you want, depending upon what is your load. Buy, some extras, because they are very fragile.
• If you find them dirty, then you need to clean them in warm water.RailMount solar panel
• Cut a base of some non-conductive material, preferably wood or ply, to attach the cells. Leave extra two inches across length and breadth of the cell.
• You will need tabling wire and make a line along the length of the board.
• Then you will have to make a coating of solder on the strips. You can buy the a pre-soldered board, which can save a lot of time.
• Finally, a Trolling battery and charge controller is required.
Steps to build a solar panel
• Place the cells along the row. You need to put a small amount of glue in the middle of the cell ad fix it on the board. The wires will run-between two adjacent cells. The wires will run in opposite direction than its previous row. Leave extra 2-inch space along the borders.
• Then you will have to solder the cells together.
• Then you will have to connect the wires ends of the first row to the beginning of the second. Then continue connecting all the rows.

• After you are done, with all connections you will have to build your panel box. Take its measurements and build a box so that, it can easily fit into the box. You can paint the box if you want.
• Make a small whole on the size of the box and guide the main wire out of the hole.
• Connect a diode of the terminal block.
• Then you need the charge controller. You need to merge all the positive and negative wires and guide it to the charger controller.
• Finally, you will have to connect the change controller to the Trolling battery.
• Depending upon the power requirement you can connect your electrical appliances.
It is easy to make this kind of marine solar panels.The trolling battery is the best because it does not get destroyed in the rain.